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About State Institution “Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine”

State Institution “Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine” (SI “Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine”)

Vintera boulevard 20, Zaporizhia, 69096, Ukraine

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tel/fax +38061 279-01-92, 239-73-99, 279-16-38.

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Rector of the Academy – academician of National Academy of Medical sciences, corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of medical sciences, professor O.S. Nikonenko.


            In 1926 the Board of the People Commisariat of Heath Care of Ukraine made the decision about opening of clinical institute of advanced training of doctors in Odesa city. In 1955 the institute was transferred to Zaporizhia city. By the Order of Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine from 26.11.2003 №704-r Zaporizhia State Institute of Advanced Training of Doctors was reorganized in Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education (since 2011 - State Institution “Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine”).

            Now three faculties are working in Academy: therapeutic, surgical faculty of family medicine, which are united 26 departments. Here are trained physicians in 62 medical specialties (disciplines) in branch 1201 “Medicine”. The Institute of cardiovascular surgery and transplantology (2003) and Scientific and research institute of eye diseases (2006) are functioning  in the structure of SI “Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine”.

            40 professors, doctors of medical sciences and 107 candidates of medical sciences, 6 honored doctors of Ukraine, 4 honored masters of sciences and engineering, 3 laureates of State prize of Ukraine. Annually 6500 doctors upgrade qualification, and also 350 intern-doctors, 70 clinical ordinators, 35 PhD candidates, 35 masters, 80 foreign doctors from the European, Asian,  African and Latin America countries study in the Academy.

            The Academy has IV level of accreditation.Organizing of education involve integrated system of actions aimed at high, world standard level of medical stuff training, rendering of high-quality assistance to the population, development and introduction of modern medical technologies and comprehensive cooperation with foreign medical institutions.

Essential level of training, scientific and methodic work in academy is provided by introduction of modern educational technologies. Modern technic facilities, computers, multimedia complexes, means of Internet-support of lectures and practical lessons, dialog-system SENTEO are used in educational process. Computer park of Academy is 145 machines.

The Academy possesses significant scientific potential, the percentage of Doctors of Science is the highest to compare with other medical institutions of higher education in Ukraine. 10 doctor’s and 60 candidate’s dissertation are being completed here. In 2011 the scientists of the Academy published 10 monographs, 490 scholarly articles in home and foreign editions, received 10 copyrights certificates for inventions. Since 2008 the Academy publish scientific-practical magazine “Modern medical technologies”, which is evaluated in sphere of medical sciences in Higher Evaluation Commission of Ukraine. Specialized Scientific Council on the defense of  PHd and doctors dissertations on the specialties “Surgery” and “Cardiovascular surgery” works in the Academy.

The scientists of the Academy are well-known in our country all over the world. These are scientific schools of academician of National Academy of Medical sciences, corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of medical sciences, professor O.S. Nikonenko in cardiovascular surgery and transplantology, scientific school of honored doctor of Ukraine, professor S.D. Shapoval in purulent-septic surgery and diabetic foot, scientific school of honored master of sciences and engineering professor N.S. Lutsenko in obstetrics and gynecology, and gynecological endocrinology, scientific school of laureate of State prize of Ukraine professor V.G. Yareshko in endoscopic surgery of liver, biliary tracts, and pancreas, scientific school of professor N.G. Zavgorodnya in eye diseases, scientific school of professor I.M. Phushtey in cardiology and endocrinology.

The Academy provides high-level training of Ukrainian and foreign specialists through the doctorate, PHd course, clinical ordinatura, master course, traineeship in following 62 specialties: obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, otolaryngology, children otolaryngology, ophthalmology, children ophthalmology, stomatology, orthopedics and traumatology, urology, surgery, heart surgery and great vessels, vascular surgery, X-ray diagnostic, ultrasound diagnostic, medicine of emergency states, family medicine, dermatovenerology, infectious diseases, children infectious diseases, gastroenterology, organization and management of public health care, cardiology, neurology,  pediatrics, oncology, oncosurgery, phthisiology, pulmonology, children  phthisiology, clinical laboratory diagnostics, clinical biochemistry, laboratory immunology, therapy and others.

Licensed size of training of foreign specialists in clinical ordinatura is 30 persons per year, in master course – 20 persons per year, in traineeship – 50 persons per year. The cost of training of foreign citizenships in clinical ordinatura, master course and traineeship is 3200 $ per year, in PHd course – 3750 $ per year.

            On 01.09.2012 in the doctorate 2 persons study, in the PHd course 30 doctors (including 3 foreign), in clinical ordinatura 70 (including 30 foreign), in master course – 8 (including 2 foreign), in traineeship 20 foreign doctors. They are the representatives of 15countries, like as Georgia, Morocco, Syria, Russia, Tunisia, China, Lebanon, Moldova and others.

The Academy constantly expands the different forms of international cooperation. We have business relationship with National medical University of Vienna, Cardio-vascular surgery hospital of Vienna (Austria), Smolensk state medical academy, Ryazan center of vascular surgery (Russia), Otolaryngology hospital of Bratislava medical university (Slovakia), ASKO – American society of oncologists of San-Antonio (USA). The agreements about cooperation with 15 scientific and research organizations of foreign countries have been concluded.  Among them are Orenburg state medical academy, Ryazan state medical university named after academician I.P Pavlov  (Russia), Alfurat University of Racca city (Syria), institute of physiotherapy of Tuzla city (Bosnia and Herzegovina). 10 professors of our Academy are members of several foreign organizations, honored and full members of foreign academies.

The academy has reached significant success in medical treatment. The doctors of the Academy were the first in Ukraine to carry out successful transplantation of liver, heart, simultaneous transplantation of kidney and pancreas in patients with diabetes. 500 kidney transplantations and 12 liver transplantations have been made. 24 clinical departments of the Academy are situated at the bases of 77 health-care facilities. Scientific-pedagogical staff of the Academy realize 150000  of consultations, 29000 surgeries, 5500 diagnostic procedures during the year. At the clinical bases of the academy 134 teachers have the higher and the first qualified category.

The Academy has the possibility to settle down of Ukrainian and foreign doctors in the two hostels. Total number is 288 seats.

The Academy is able to provide high-level training of specialists through clinical post-graduate course, post-graduate course, magistracy and probation in the following specialties:

Obstetrics and gynecology


Otolaryngology, children otolaryngology, surdology

Ophthalmology, children ophthalmology

Stomatology, therapeutic stomatology, children stomatology, dental surgery, orthopedic stomatology, general stomatology

Orthopedicsand traumatology




general surgery, surgery of heart and great vessels, surgery of liver and biliary tracts, proctology,vascular surgery, endoscopy, endocrine surgery, minor invasive surgery

Radial diagnosis



MRT (magnetic resonance imaging),

CT (Computer tomography) and X-ray tomography

Medicine of emergency states

first aid and intensive care in emergency medical and urgent aid

Family medicine


Infectious diseases, children infectious diseases Gastroenterology

diagnostics and treatment of gastrointestinal tract

Social medicine and organization of public health protection

computer science,

management in public health protection







children pulmonology

Oncology, oncosurgery

Phthisiology and pneumology, children phthisiology

Clinical laboratory diagnostics, clinical biochemistry laboratory immunology(also for pharmacists)


physiotherapy, endocrinology, nephrology, occupational pathology,  allergology, geriatrics

Medicine of catastrophes

organization and planning of medical aid and its rendering to those who suffered in emergency situations