Оцінка роботи академії



The Department of Medicine of Emergency States is engaged in training and professional development of ambulance doctors. The curriculum of the Department includes various improvement cycles in the specialty medicine of emergency states, blood transfusion, thematic improvement in the regional anesthesia and resuscitation, emergency conditions in the practice of a transfusiologist. General practitioner - the family medicine, intensive care and resuscitation in emergency conditions in the practice of a E.M.S. doctor on the pre¬hospital stage, emergency medical care at pre-hospital stage in local wars, man-made and natural disasters and the others.
The Department carries out training of doctors-interns, clinical interns specializing in the medicine of emergency states. The scientific work of the Department consists of training of doctors, masters, post-graduate students. The staff of the Department is fruitfully engaged in research work and makes a significant contribution to the development of modem medicine.
The colleagues of the Department headed by professor Goldovskiy B. M. successfully fulfill their responsibilities and assist doctors in improving their knowledge, skills and abilities and also provide the city of Zaporozhye and Zaporozhye region with new highly professional medical personnel.
The Head of the Department: PhD, Professor B.M. Goldovskiy. The main direction of his scientific and practical work is the study and implementation of modern methods of treatment emergency conditions in cardiovascular pathololgy.

PhD, K.V. Serikov

PhD, E.V. Sid

Assistants of the Department:

PhD, I.V. Filimonova

D.V. Lelyuk